Michael Possert Jr.

Burning Highway

A feature film I directed and shot across five states on 16mm film. It recently has been completed and will be pursuing the festival circuit.

Story Synopsis

Pierce is a struggling twenty something with half-hearted dreams of being a writer, but is held back by memories of his estranged father who abandoned the family to be an artist. When Pierce is notified of his fathers death his inheritance consists only of a small travel trailer and a key to a bank box in New Mexico. Hesitant to delve into his fathers past, Pierce is pressured into a spontaneous road trip by his friend Morgan, a painter who has recently found some success.

With the tiny trailer in tow, they cross the desert southwest in an aging panel truck. On the way they discover clues to the fathers death and realize they are being stalked by Pierce’s unstable brother and Morgan’s creepy ex fling, both of whom also want the key to the bank box. At a famous Nevada art festival, the four characters clash in a final conflict that reveals the true fate of Pierce’s father.

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